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2002: South Lake to Dusy Basin

August 9, 2002

South Lake to Dusy Basin (14 miles)

Nick and Brett



9,800′ – 12,000′ – 11,400′ – 12,000′ – 9,800′

This trip had been planned to be an ambitious loop over Palisades Basin and down to Palisades Creek and around and back up to Dusy. However, due to not so great weather and change in mind, we ended up mostly hanging out in Dusy Basin and then back down in the lakes toward South Lake.

02 Trailhead

We drove up and care camped near South Lake the first night.

04 Day one

Brett on way up

The next day we hiked up into Dusy Basin.

Brett at Bishop pass

Brett at Bishop pass

It is a long steady climb the whole way, and pass was snow covered.

Nikck at tent site, Lower Dusy Lake

Nikck at tent site, Lower Dusy Lake

That following morning though, it was raining.

18 from Knapsack pass

We reconnoitered Knapsack Pass up into Palisades Basin to find the best route, which turned out to be following the drainage, as we discovered on our way back down, after going up skirting around the side, and then just spent the day at our campsite.

16 Dusy Basin Swim Nick

As it continued to rain on and off the next day, instead of doing our loop, we headed back over bishop Pass instead to the Lakes on the North side of the pass, stopping at Saddlerock Lake.

39 Saddlerock lake

Brett fishing

Brett fishing

We spent the next day there fishing and day hiking down to Margaret Lake.

44 Dive into Margaret

That evening it looked like possible rain again, and so at around 5pm we decided to pack up and hike out. I had also been having trouble sleeping (in part due to my friends snoring—and we were sharing a tent).

We got back to the parking lot as it was getting dark.

To see the full set of pictures from this hike you can link here to my Flickr album

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