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2005: Glacier National Park Part 2: Sperry Glacier

December 14, 2005

2005: Glacier National Park, Part 2: Sperry Glacier

Nick, Andrew, Matt

0690 Sperry trail

Chris had to work, so for this trip  it was just the 3 of us.

For this trip we did not have to backtrack, as we had someone to drop us off and picked us up at different spots.

Day One

Nick and Andrew hike up to Sperry

Nick and Andrew hike up to Sperry

The first day was mostly a steady uphill climb. At the top there was a chalet, and we were hoping for a nice cool drink. But on arriving it turned out it did not open for a few more days.

Nick at Sperry Chalet

Nick at Sperry Chalet

There were people inside setting up, so we did go in for a look around.

Sperry campsite

Sperry campsite

The campsite, just about half mile beyond, was spread out on a ridge. It has a beautiful view to the valley below. The mosquitoes did get bad again that night, and we had goats wander through camp.

0910 Andrew Nick Comeau Pass

The next day we started with a day hike to the glacier. I made the mistake of thinking that since it was just a day hike, I’d just wear my Teva’s. But, duh! We were going to be hiking on the Glacier. We did have to cross an angled snow field, and just lucked out in getting across some areas, as the a trial crew was working as we went, and had just opened one bridge we needed to cross.

1080 Nick hikes snow

Nick crossing snow field in Teva’s

1050 Andrew at Sperry Glacier
Andrew at top of Sperry Glacier

Hiking on the Glacier was magnificent, and afforded great views.

We went back to camp and put back on our backpacks to head to our next site.

After a few miles we arrived at the pass of Lincoln  We decided to head up near the peak to have lunch, leaving our packs by the trial.

Andrew at Lincoln

Andrew at Lincoln

We had an amazing view and spent about 20 minutes up there.

Goat heading to our packs!

Goat heading to our packs!

As we headed back down, we saw some goats heading toward our packs, and raced back down as the goats would likely get at our packs, and we made it just in time. Well, we had been warned about just such risks.

Then on the way down, in crossing a stream just past some falls, my camera slipped off my belt and into the water! While I did get the camera, it did not work after the submersion. Luckily the pictures were still fine on the card. (and mine was not the only camera).

After the next pass we did have to cross a difficult snowfield along a steep slope—that was slow steady hard work—it would be easy to slide a long way if one lost one’s balance. It was then just a long way going down the side of the mountain, past a couple of lakes.



At the campsite we were warned that the deer were over tame and aggressive, which I found that evening—one deer kept creeping up to our packs, until I finally put them all in my tent with me. That ended up being a good thing as in the middle of the night it started to pour. It continued pouring well into the next day. It made packing up in the morning a bit of a mess, but at least it was our last day.

1311 Foggy Gunsight Pass

That day was mostly downhill. We passed one nice waterfall with a lovely pool, but the weather was still not that great.

Nick Andrew Matt at end of hike

Nick Andrew Matt at end of hike

We ended the hike at the road, and waited for our ride and played some cribbage.

1585 Matt into the Bay Area

The next day we flew back to California!

To see the full set of pictures from this hike you can link here to my Flickr album

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