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Below are some links to other sites and blogs related to Backpacking, particularly in the Sierra Mountains.

I do not include links that are primarily commercial.

Love to hear other suggestions. Please leave links in comments that you think are appropriate

High Sierra Topix

“High Sierra Topix (HST) is a not-for-profit Sierra Nevada adventure community resource created by its members, for its members.
Our members are highly experienced in backpacking, hiking, peak bagging, bouldering, mountaineering, photography and fishing in and around the John Muir Trail (JMT), Sierra High Route (SHR), Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), and most importantly, off-trail areas of the Sierra Nevada. We are adventure fanatics who can answer nearly any question on the topic. HST has several features to help with trip planning, learn about or discuss locations, or, simply enjoy the Sierra Nevada vicariously from the comfort of your computer or mobile device. Your Sierra Nevada Adventure awaits”


“ is a free non-commercial site that provides both the information and inspiration you need to get out into the Sierra Nevada with a pack on your back and a smile on your face.  In the words of John Muir: “I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.” Take it from John Muir, put on a backpack and get going!

Backpackers Review

“On this site you will find backpacking and camping trip reports that provide detailed information on routes, scenery, and general tips. You also can find gear lists and short product reviews for all of the gear that I used while on these trips.”


“ is a website that publishes practical and useful advice for exploring California on foot. We provide trip reports, gear tips, helpful hints, and advice for others wishing to experience their own adventures. was started by Rebecca Sowards-Emmerd in 2001 as a way to share photos and stories with family on the other side of the country, but quickly grew into a resource for people other than her mother. Articles are published on a regular basis with a focus on backpacking, hiking, climbing, and general adventuring in the backcountry nooks and crannies of the Western United States.”

  1. backpackersreview permalink

    My new site has a few long form trip reports for loops in the Sierra.
    If you think the reports would be useful to your site readers, please include a link on your page.
    Thank you!

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